Retail design as an experience

Ver, tocar, oler, sentir, son parte de la experiencia del cliente.

“Some stores remain in our memory.”

During our lives, we have visited countless stores of all kinds. However, some remain in our memory. Those unique places created their design with love, that make you fall in love with them. Places that generate emotions in the visitors who interact with them. These memories are important to us. And that’s why we want to cover retail design as an experience.

Con.sentido tablecloth restaurant by Levulevú
Con.sentido tablecloth restaurant by Levulevú

This kind of experience can be found all over the world.

From a chocolate waterfall to a giant shoe or sewing machines from all time. It’s all about a set: shop windows, interiors and even facades.

We can find these experience all over the world. They are not difficult to find but impossible to forget. Let’s go on a trip to visit some!

Camden Town, a prime example

If you have walked through Camden Town, you have experienced retail design as an experience. Everywhere you look, you can find very charming boutiques. Camden Lock is the heart of the alternative London flea market. There you will see all kinds of shops with fancy facades. And you will find prestigious brands such as Converse, Dr Martins or All Saint Spitalfields.

In Camden Town, nothing goes unnoticed. This iconic neighbourhood of London is always full of visitors looking for something different. Either by simple curiosity or driven by the interest of its stores. Each one is more peculiar than the one before.

One of the remarkable facades at Camden Lock.
Remarkable facade at Camden Lock

Venchi, chocolate and luxury

If you happen to be in Rome, don’t forget to stop by Venchi’s stores. This Italian chocolate shop has been serving sweet fans since 1878. In one of its most emblematic shops in the Italian capital, you can see a cascade of

liquid chocolate. Litres and litres of the delicious drink of the gods become the wall for their employees’ activity. Their products are exquisite, but the experience they offer is exceptional.

Like kings and queens

Much closer, already in national territory, we can find unique experiences. A few meters from the Alhambra, in Granada, Patio de los Perfumes offers a memorable visit. We enter a Renaissance palace with 16th-century architecture. And between its walls, we live an olfactory immersion within its walls.

“Visitors step into a store but have access to a whole narrative.”

Visitors step into a store but have access to a whole narrative. Traditional smells in a building with history and a hidden underground museum. It is the icing on the cake on their visit. Thanks to the retail design as an experience, its memory perpetuates in your memory. It makes this store extraordinary and a place to come back.

If we get something clear from this trip through Europe, it is retail design as an experience makes your store magical. It generates emotions and evokes sensations that will make you come back. The human mind is naturally curious. Stimulating it so that it is interested in your company is our job. If you want your place to transport your clients to an unforgettable space, call us, and we will do it. It will last in the memory of everyone who sees it.


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