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Restaurante La Loca María by Levulevú.

“The kind of cuisine they offer already gives us a clue as to who they are.”

Performing interior design for restaurants is one of our favourite jobs. They are spaces with souls. The kind of cuisine they offer already gives us a clue as to who they are. To that, we add the style of each business. The result is a unique journey with each restaurant we visit.

Paripé Logo by Levulevu.
Paripé Rooftop by Levulevu.

In 2021, the gastronomy sector in Spain exceeded 28.9 billion euros.

What is certain is that almost the entire working population goes to restaurants at least once a year. In other words, in 2021, the gastronomy sector in Spain exceeded 28.9 billion euros.

So, what makes you choose one restaurant over another? Food, for sure. We expect that delicious dish, the restaurant’s speciality. But, to be very honest, we look for much more.

We don’t go to any place for a special occasion. When we want to impress, create an atmosphere and remember the experience, we need something else. Let’s take a look at what makes for an extraordinary ambience:

A genuine brand

The one that makes you remember it. That comes to mind when you think about where you might go. A restaurant’s brand is its identity mark. It shows a lot with very few elements. It speaks of its values, dedication and its promise to the customer.

At Levulevú, we want to highlight the importance of a professional brand. It will encompass all the elements of the brand universe. Interior design for restaurants builds its entire atmosphere on its identity. You can check some of our brand projects and see the importance of corporate identity. You will see that each one will take you on a journey of different sensations. Humo is an example of branding for restaurants.

Dining room Consentido by Levulevú.
Dining room Consentido by Levulevú.

Special atmosphere

It’s where all the elements that shape a place’s interior design come into play. The type of furniture and accessories already gives us an idea. They build a story. Then there’re the surroundings, the walls, the bars, the panelling and, sometimes, the greenery. Wallpaper with a wild atmosphere isn’t the same as bright tiles. Everything adds up to fill the experience with emotions. The layout of the tables in the restaurant is also relevant. And, in fact, the type of table itself.

Even its textures – wood, metal, glass or plastic – take us to different places in our minds.

Now imagine how each piece of the puzzle is connected. The interior design of a restaurant turns a regular visit into a fine activity. Although, like everything else, there is a place to suit all tastes. From family atmospheres to romantic settings. But there is also room for adventure, surprise and expectation. At Levulevú, we are experts in the latest, creating unique spaces for people. Would you like to see some of our stunning settings? special

Neon rlogo in the rooftop of Paripé by Levulevú.
Neon rooftop of Paripé by Levulevú.

Quality in everything it does

Quality is the distinguishing factor between a rather average restaurant and a worthwhile one. It’s an aspect that covers every single decision about a project. If the food is not good, you don’t go back. If the atmosphere isn’t comfortable, you don’t want to go. If the environment doesn’t impress you, you don’t recommend it. Therefore, quality involves the product, the premises and everything the restaurant offers.

“If the environment doesn’t impress you, you don’t recommend it.”

La Loca María


This restaurant takes you to the jungle, with a patio covered with tropical plants. It brings freshness to the centre of Granada. Its elements, based on wild animals, transport you to a faraway place. A natural micro-world in the heart of the city. An experience to get out of the everyday and immerse yourself in an adventure. Naturalistic and modern, a combination of the height of its diners.

An electrifying frame for an unexpected result. The perfect combination of future vision and retro appeal. Urban touches of exposed brick and wood, geometric shapes and spectacular light. It’s a space where gastronomy, cocktails and the best sound converge. It’s a refuge with a rogue look in the most glamorous corner of southern Spain.

Aerial photo of La Loca María, one of our interior design projects for restaurants.
La Loca María interior design by Levulevú.
Dooal Marbella interior design by Levulevú
Dooal Marbella project by Levulevú
Entrance hall Consentido by Levulevú, a restaurant custom design.
Entrance hall Consentido by Levulevú.

What is clear is that word of mouth goes a long way. And interior design for restaurants is focused on keeping those mouths busy. It will make customers come back, talk about us and recommend us. But also, clients will remember their experience with us, so we’re an option to visit again.

If you want your restaurant to have an outstanding interior design, trust our team. More than seventeen years of experience back us up and confirm the facts: no one does this job like Levulevú. Tell us about your idea, and let’s start to give it shape.


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