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Restaurante El Patio de Marbella tiene un interiorismo especial.

“Interest in the luxury real estate business continues to grow.”

Cada sector tiene sus particularidades. Pero cuando hablamos del diseño de lujo en España nuestra mente vuela directa a Marbella. Sus grandes villas con espectaculares jardines, piscinas infinity y playas multilingües.

Interest in the luxury real estate business continues to grow, reaching historic sales peaks in Marbella. This fact is reflected in the Marbella Property Market Report 2022 by Panorama Properties.

Doohal vertical garden by Levulevú
Doohal vertical garden by Levulevú

New migratory trends

The influence of the war between Russia and Ukraine has brought unexpected results. Clients from bordering countries have chosen Marbella to get away from the conflict. No other than the capital of luxury in the south of Spain.

Pero el mercado ha llegado con más cambios. Hay un interés creciente por las estructuras modernas y contemporáneas. Pero, también, en edificios de corte andaluz más clásico.

This brings us a new perspective of luxury, integrated into everyday life. In addition, energy efficiency and the insertion of natural elements motivate designers to create new models.

Doohal facade by Levulevú
Doohal facade by Levulevú

Nature as a part of the design

Marbella leaves behind the brightness and metal to approach a wilder elegance. Glass doors do not restrict the view. They give access to stunning swimming pools and tropical gardens where living is an everyday adventure.

Moreover, this trend goes further and provides wings to creativity. Natural elements enter and extend into the home. And wood finishes are becoming essential components.

Design Week Marbella 2022

We could see these elements in the winning projects of Design Week Marbella 2022. This event, which attracted more than 450 brands and 120,000 visitors, crowned the city as the capital of design.

These designs seek immersion and authentic experiences. They bring us closer to our most primal selves. Away from the stress we lived through a few years ago when our homes became prisons. Now we look for relaxation and relaxation spaces for the mind and body.

This event crowned the city as the capital of design.

Trend out of the villages

This interior design trend has precedents in Marbella: its restaurants. Leña, Dani García’s place. It shows a peculiar combination of textures and colours. Its design brings us closer to our most primitive side, combining stone and wood. Reminiscent of the wildfire of a barbecue.

In contrast, El Patio is a sanctuary that has managed to be one with nature. It is part of Marbella Club Hotel, along with other establishments in the area. And it brings us a range of new smells and sensations only possible in this city.

Doohal kitchen window by Levulevú
Doohal kitchen window by Levulevú

Ultimately, to create the perfect interior design you have to know what’s going on. Being aware of trends and understanding your clients’ needs is vital for success. At Levulevú we are experts in Marbella and its community. If you want to know more, give us a call.


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