Types of websites according to your needs

Diseño de estructura web a mano.

“They differ in their goal and structure.”

We often think that everything is the same on the Internet. If we Google “retail design”, we see no difference from one link to another. But we assure you that there is. There, there are several types of websites.

In this post, we are talking about the four main categories of web pages. It is essential to know them to find out which one best suits your needs.

Hand-drawn sketches of user interfaces.
The structure changes for every kind of web page.

It is essential to know them to find out which one best suits your needs.

Come on, now we have your attention. So, how do they differ? Well, in their goal and structure. Let’s go a little deeper into each of them:

Types of websites

  • Landing page
  • One page
  • Corporate website
  • Marketplace

Landing page

It focuses on selling a product or service. It should achieve a single objective. Its purpose is to engage potential customers so that they end up contacting or buying. It is also used in promotions and booking of new products or services.

These sites don’t have a menu or index to browse.

The reason is that the user’s journey is a straight course from start to finish.

This design forces the user to scroll through the entire page to get to the end and complete the process. It is the same principle we use in physical spaces when we design a retail project. If you have ever visited IKEA, you know what we mean. They guide you through their store to see from kitchens to stuffed animals.

One page

Like the landing page, it promotes a specific service, product or idea. But it is a more hierarchical website that includes much more information. The site has its content divided into parts in the page. This ease navigation. Thus, the data is organized.

Another notable point about the previous format is its navigation menu with anchors. Through this, users can move to the exact location of the content they are interested in. An example of one page is Ángel Martín’s website.

Home of Facialteam project by Levulevú
Your website is a channel of communication with your customer.
E-commerce home and section for Castor project by Levulevú.
E-commerces are the best product showcases.

Corporate website

The corporate website is the jewel in the crown. The one we all know as the standard web. It introduces a company, institution or association. It provides us with a lot of information about products and services. But also relevant references such as mission, vision and values of an organization, contact data… It is necessary to generate confidence in us.

“These pages usually have a blog that helps with positioning.”

These pages usually have a blog that helps with positioning. The blog is an effective element since corporate websites are permanent showcases. And we already know that Google is very interested in the rotation of quality content.


If you need to increase your sales over consolidating your brand, this one is the model for you. The marketplace is the ideal display for your products. You can include details about them: materials, manufacturing processes, method of use, etc. Even the story of each one of them.

This kind of website has two main branches: sample catalogue and direct sale. The perfect choice depends on the customer’s needs.

Design process by sections.
The needs of the project lead the design.
A businesswoman works with her smartphone in front of her computer.
Committed entrepreneurs strive for excellence.

For example, a marketplace can display the cars available from a dealership. It will even include all the details related to each of them. But the deal will be managed face-to-face. But if you are looking for the perfect shoes for the autumn-winter season. Then, you will be able to buy them on the site.

Now you know the difference between the main types of web pages, do you know which one is best for your project? If you need the advice to find the website that best suits your needs, count on us. Click the button below to contact us, and let’s sit down to make the best decision for your business.


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