3D infographics in today’s interior design

Render de azotea Paripe by Levulevu

«The use of 3D infographics helps the designer to communicate»

3D infographics allow showing spaces attractively and realistically. 3D modelling programs are becoming more powerful and offer a larger range of options. They help designers and clients to share a clear and visual idea.

The use of 3D infographics helps the designer to communicate ideas, specially when they’re complex. Innovating and creating unique and different spaces is one thing. Making the concept and the final finish understood is quite another.

The more you seek to innovate and the more disruptive you are, the less common will be the examples to follow. So, what better than a render that shows you what your project is going to look like? Infographics have such a high quality that it’s possible to see the final result almost as if it were a photo.

This visual communication between designer and client helps build trust. There’s understanding, and they can work efficiently.

Visual communication between designer and client

But what information do 3D infographics provide?

Volumes and dimensions

It’s essential to consider the elements that best suit the space. For example: if a table is too large, it can break the geometry and obstruct the passage. But it also makes it hard to optimize the space. It must be done right.


The location of the elements is vital. Finding the right conditioning solution is crucial.

This way we optimize the space and, thus, the revenues. Besides, it creates an atmosphere that will highlight the personality of the space.

Textures and colors

Most of the feeling we get when we arrive at a place is thanks to these components. These elements are necessary for shaping the final look and feel. As it’s very visual, the client can bring their ideas to smoothly execute them.

Lighting points

Once we have most of the elements in place, we need to check the lighting points. You can have the best design in the world, but if this matter has not been taken into account, it is useless.

Work on details

A good interior design concept could never be missing. To conclude, we add all the details that will highlight the project’s personality. Due to the visual character of 3D infographics, we can test and highlight elements. This way, we’ll find the perfect tone and create a unique experience.

«The client can bring their ideas to smoothly execute them»

In short, the 3D design allows us to combine personality and interior design solutions. And it’s an excellent tool for today’s interior design. Take a look at La Loca María.

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