The brand manual and Christmas hats

Preparativos de las marcas para Navidad

“Every corporate image must have a brand manual.”

There’s a great debate about how we should modify a brand after its creation. Even more so on special dates like Christmas, where we can see Santa Claus hats everywhere. There’re different opinions about this. But what’s clear is that every corporate image must have a brand manual.

As Christmas arrives, we must still follow the brand manual guidelines.
When Christmas comes, you have to surprise, but being faithful to the brand.

The Christmas controversy

In our efforts to add value, it’s important to take into consideration the situations around us. This also includes the season of the year and the holidays. That’s why many companies decide to include changes to their logos on these occasions. Christmas, Halloween or summer vacations are some of them.

So, Christmas hat, yes or no? The theoretical answer is “no”. As in everything, we’ll find different opinions about it. A company may use it as part of a marketing plan.

Or it may go with the corporate identity. Yet, when we create a logo, we do it with the thinking that we’re not going to add anything. And the accepted modifications to the brand are fixed from the first day.

Adding a Santa Claus hat to our logo is a modification. It is because of the end-of-year celebrations, but, at the same time, it hides our concept. In other words, we have built our brand on some values we must uphold. If you change them, it is not your brand.

Brand manual guidelines

But how do we know what we can do with our brand identity? That’s what the brand manual is. It’s a document generated with the birth of the brand. It doesn’t only talk about the logo but also its uses, colors, typography and other features.

The manual builds an entire identity around the brand. Beyond the logo, which is the most symbolic element, others also last in the customer’s memory. Colours are also important because people associate them with our identity. For example, if we think of red, probably we recall Coca-Cola. If you write anything with the typography of the soft drink, you’ll also think of Coca-Cola. That’s the power of the brand universe. When we create a brand universe, we do it with the idea of being recognizable and memorable. If we change its structure, we can lose impact.

Every detail of the brand manual is designed with care.
Every detail of the brand manual is designed with care.

Always trust experts to work on your business identity. They won’t only build the perfect image for it. But they will create around it to get a unique and impactful package. They’ll guide you in its use, and you’ll have different versions for every situation. But always within your brand universe!

“You’ll have different versions for every situation.”

Experts care for your brand with attention and warmth.
Experts take your brand in their hands to create its most humanized version.

At Levulevú, we have been working with brands for a long time, and we understand their needs. Trust our team to create your brand identity, and putting a Christmas hat on your logo won’t be a temptation. Check out our portfolio and get inspired. After that, you will want to call us to chat about your project.


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