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Artificial Intelligence and interior design

Diseñador creando los modelos en el ordenador.

“Our area of expertise is also updating.”

More and more, we hear about a new use for AIs. The moment to talk about Artificial Intelligence and interior design has come. Because, as in many other fields, our area of expertise is also updating.

Artificial Intelligence are powerful tools in interior design.
AI are useful tools in interior design.

You may have already taken your first approach to Artificial Intelligence. From creating a version of a photo of you or your pet to writing a text with just a few guidelines. All this is possible thanks to the development of AIs. But do you know how they work? And do you know how to apply it to interior design?

What is Artificial Intelligence and how does it work?

AI is the science that attempts to replicate and develop human intelligence and its processes. Sometimes you will find it abbreviated backwards (AI) for Artificial intelligence.

Although we talk about human intelligence, the device doesn’t have to look like that. In fact, AI is much more involved in our lives than we are aware of. Alexa and Siri have Artificial Intelligence.

An android with huge eyes and artificial intelligence.
AI is integrated into our lives and we use them more and more every day.

Experts train the AI algorithms. They use large volumes of data to help the system understand this information. In this way, the algorithms learn to classify and draw conclusions. In other words, they transform data into information.

After this step, data scientists turn information into knowledge.

This results in a double benefit: IAs are becoming more capable, and experts can apply what they learn.

Man and machine already interact in everyday life.
Artificial Intelligences are part of our daily lives.

Artificial Intelligence and interior design

Let’s take a look at how AI is applied to interior design. Over the last few years we have seen the birth of several tools that add perspective to design. And the most exciting thing is that they do it in a few seconds or minutes. Of course, these applications cannot replace the work of a professional. However, they can provide ideas, give us a more or less accurate picture of a concept, and much more.

“These applications cannot replace the work of a professional.”

Artificial Intelligence tools and interior design

In this article, we are going to talk about some attractive applications based on AIs:

Interior AI

It is a website where you can upload a photo of any space and apply a style of your choice. It has several design options, and it helps you to get an idea of the final result.


This web tool is payable, but you can try it for 15 days due to its trial version. It’s a powerful design assistant that creates models from simple parameters. You can also access tutorials and a blog with related content.

Finch 3D

It’s an adaptive design assistant supported by Artificial Intelligence. It’s a technology that detects errors and finds optimised solutions. Access must be requested, and nowadays, there is a waiting list to use it.

Hand-drawn design of a chair.
Human input will always be part of the process.

Nothing is compared to a professional’s work.

At Levulevú, we believe in the importance of professionals in the creative process. Experience is a degree, and an expert adds things that a machine cannot replace. However, we have always used tools to support our work. AIs are a new addition to our working kit.

Take a look at our projects, and you will see the result. And if you have an idea and want to develop it, give us a touch.


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